"We named the pup Paisley.  She is beautiful,  very smart, curious, calm, and sometimes a bit feisty (gave me a black eye last night).  She has ridden many miles with me in the truck, in boats, on a UTV, and even on a snowmobile.  Her and I spend a lot of time together and she doesn't like to let me out of her sight.  As you can see from the photos she likes fish...hoping I can get her to like birds as much!  As soon as the snow goes, I'm hoping to begin working her on pigeons and get her out for some real hunts this fall.  In any case, she is a great dog and well loved here!  Thanks."

"I thought you might enjoy a few pictures of our dogs. Komanche just turned 5 yrs old (Aurora & Kodiak) and Nakota is now 8 months old (Denali & Scooter). They are both doing great and we are having a lot of fun with them. Thank you for all of your help over the years."

- Tim

I wanted to get in touch with you and let you know how our puppy, Sage, is doing. She is absolutely the sweetest pup and extremely smart. By 9 weeks she was consistently going to the backdoor to go outside to potty and is doing really great with sit, come, stay, load up, and off and she is only 13weeks old! Nathan has introduced her to feathers and when he brought the grouse home she was the most on point we had ever seen her, she was rigid as a board! We noticed this week especially that she is really starting to darken even more. We have both commented that we would love to get her a brother or a sister one day and if you guys were still breeding Willow and Kodiak that we would buy one eagerly. We just love her so much. Hope you guys are doing well and enjoy some of the pictures of her. Thank you so much for breeding such a wonderful pup.

- Connie and Nathan Phipps

The pup we bought is doing great! Red female we named Dixie, she is very loving,good looking, and loves to hunt. She is at training camp and this weekend back in SD for her 2nd pheasant hunt.

- Jerry Burkett

Absolutely the best pointing lab I have ever had. She points quail like a German Short hair. Lays by my chair at night and watches TV with me. Did I mention she is a great pet!

- Darrell Todd

She did great passed with perfect scores but it wasn't a pointing test it was an akc retriever jr hunt test. She does point pheasants consistently I only went out with just her no other dogs once and I limited out quickly and she pointed all three of them. She flushed well over 75 birds this past season.

- Steve Carter

Derby is an amazing dog; so smart. Growing up fast, 24lbs now. Had her second shots and vet says she is amazing for her age.

- Alana

Here are a few photos of our puppy Oakley. She is doing great a joy to have in our family. Thank you so much for breeding our little girl.

- Phil & Pam Harder